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How to tell publish to Tableau to use Scheduler credentials

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I have a publish to tableau macro in a workflow that has a hardcoded username password. 


when publishing to server, I have it set to prompt user for credentials, when I schedule this prompt is at the bottom ans I input credentials and run wf. 


Am able to access all shared drives and also the installed version of publish to tableau that is on the server.


What I would like is for the publish to tableau tool to use the credentials that are input while I setup the scheduler.


How do I do this? 


is there any part of the api that allows to receive dynamic credentials?




Joe, if you want to dynamically update the user/password the Publish to Tableau Server Macro, you can you use the interface tools and specify the right action as per the screen print below.


Please let me know if this answers your question.  



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does this option take the credentials already entered from schedule workflow in scheduler?


I think this solution is entering it manually before you run correct?


I have a schedule that I run and already have to enter credentials when I set the schedule. I would like it to use those credentials.


Yes this will be a manual entry.  So this is not ideal, but the user will be prompted twice for the user/password.  Once for the workflow and another time for the app to update the publish to Tableau macro.  I am not sure how else we can capture the first pair of username/password and pass them on to the Tableau macro part. 

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I figured it would be in the api or something.


I guess I figured it would make too much sense for this to be the case 🙂 


It isn't a huge deal for now, it just means having to stop schedule open wf and change pw's, save it, then upload back to scheduler, then enter credentials every time we change pw's which is quite often.


At least the PW on the scheduler is easy to change when creating a shedule for the workflow!