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How to disable Advertisement when running Gallery App?

5 - Atom

I just noticed that when running an app on our internal Analytics Gallery while not logged in (we have allowed this in our server configuration) the app user is served up a banner ad while the app is running and then a different one upon completion of the app run and display of results preview and download preference selection. Below are some example of what i'm referring to:





Is there a way to disable this?  I wasn't able to find a setting in our server admin system settings.  I have to admit this is very annoying to me  and will be for our users as we are trying to push more self service.  Not sure why you would pushing these ads to us when we have already bought the product.





Hi Chris,


If the user signs in, the ads will not appear. Outside of that, there is not a way within the Gallery admin settings to turn them off for users who have not signed in.




7 - Meteor

Blythe, Alteryx needs to provide a way to disable these advertisements for internal/company galleries even when a user has not signed in. On the public galleries I can understand the advertising, but these are apps published internally and our customers don't need to see these banner ads. It's a terrible customer experience.