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How can I acquire Alteryx logs

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Hi all,


I wanted to know how I could find out the following from an Alteryx server:

  • Runtime
  • Success/fail
  • Output records


I do not have much experience with Alteryx and I try to find out

  1. if there is a location where such logs are saved
  2. if I need to modify the workflow to save this information and how I could achieve that.

I read a lot of threads here on alteryx community but so far I wasn't able to find the solution.


Many thanks in advance


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

It sounds like you're interested in the Engine logging feature. The default is to have this disabled, so you'll need to specify a directory path in the System Settings for these logs to be generated.
























For the Output records, any temporary files generated may not be available. The best practice is to set a specific output file for any data or result you would like saved using an Output or Render tool.









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Hi @CharlieS ,


thanks for the prompt answer.


I am experimenting with my local desktop Alteryx before doing anything on client's production one.

What I found out is that when I put an output file on the workflow and run the workflow for second time I receive a message that the file already exists. Is that an important error?

'Cause I do not want to cause any disruption to the production server.


Does the same apply for the logging directory?

I can see the Engine on the production server but on my local machine alteryx I can't find it to play with it.


thanks again

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Something to consider: copy the tools that write output in the production model and replace the directory path to "%temp%". This is a shortcut that will reference your temporary folder and output the same thing for your review. Take note that temporary files are ....temporary and the duration of their existence is limited. This will not be a perpetual log solution., but it's an easy way to have immediate spot checking available. 


Production Output:



Temporary Output:



The temporary file path will be the folder specified in the System Settings mentioned above plus a GUID-like random string:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Alteryx\Engine\Engine_2036_2d05cfcf048a4e6586d9a0cabb614bde_\File.yxdb"

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@CharlieS To clarify...The Engine Logging feature you describe would provide the same data that is found in the Server Scheduler->Results tab: WF name, Date/Time Created, Date/Time Completed, Execution time, results, etc..?

Currently C/P'ing this info and manually inputting into a file to get an understanding of our scheduled workflows. Would love something more automated...