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Governance Process when publishing to Alteryx Server


Does anyone have a governance process or best practices they can share when publishing to Alteryx Server?


When if changes need to be made to a workflow, how is QA completed? 


hi @nwiseman


I addressed this issue as part of this thread on SOX compliance  but here are the highlights around governance



  • We've set up 2 separate server environments, QA and prod with separate data sources
  • All workflows are developed and tested in our(IT and business) local machines and then published to the QA server for business validation
  • All workflows are stored in a source-control system throughout the lifecycle
  • All workflows, whether developed by our IT staff or by the business, are reviewed by IT to ensure adherence to corp standards  
  • All workflows go through documented QA/UAT process before promotion.
  • Any workflow promotion or change to the configuration on the prod server goes through our change management procedure.
  • Access to prod is tightly controlled and monitored.  Only admins can access the server.  The Gallery, of course can be accessed in read-only by the users.
  • All queries from the Alteryx server are directed to stored procedures on a link server.
    • These procedures track usage information such as user info, execution time, etc
    • All procedures are strictly parameterized, to control data flow in both directions
    • Write-procedures go through our DB acceptance procedure
  • All of this is documented and tracked


To answer your specific question...Any changes to existing workflows are put through QA in the QA environment and then are pushed to production. 


Hope this helps





@danilang Does that mean that you guys had to buy twice the licensing?  Meaning you have server licenses for both environments?  


Hi @vizandy


Yup.  We licence 2 alteryx servers.  But when you consider that we have the same strategy for Oracle as well, the Alteryx licensing costs are minimal!




@danilang I hear you but when you compare with Tableau, its quite different.  With Tableau, you buy server and that license allows you to have a test server with the same key.  Its quite nice!  


Thanks for the quick reply!! Very helpful!


Thank you!