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Gallery on seperate host licensing ?


Hi all


when I plan to install the worker and the gallery on 2 different hosts. Is there a seperate license needed for the Gallery, or is the server licensed only by worker ?


Kind regards




Hello @vizda!


For a server our licenses are by worker! However the licenses you would purchase would depend on how you separate the products. Our worker node license, the Additional Node, requires that a controller with an Alteryx Server license be put into place.


So should Gallery and the Worker be on separate hosts from the primary server you'll need two 'Additional Node' licenses, one for the Gallery and another for the worker while the main server will need to be activated on a Alteryx Server license. However should Gallery be run on the controller you'll only need a single 'Additional Node' license for the worker.

All workers would then be reporting to the primary controller through their system settings. 

If you have any further questions about configuration please feel free to reach out to