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Gallery Log Analysis - Determine User and App

8 - Asteroid

Our server is having frequent slow downs during the day where workflows stay in the queue for a long time (~8-10 minutes), so i'm trying to investigate what might be holding the queue.


Two questions-

1) Would the Gallery logs include apps that were scheduled via the Gallery, not just run-time?

2) How do you tie the user ID hash to an actual user name, and the request target hash to an actual analytic app name?


If there is a thread that already answered these questions - feel free to point me in that direction (I couldn't find one). Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Csand 


There are some sections within that Server Usage Report that you can pull that may get the data you're looking for. The Server Usage Report can be downloaded from the license portal: In order to do that open Alteryx_Server_Usage_report.yxmc (note: the .yxmc NOT the .yxmd). Once inside the server usage report macro you can scroll down and find the "Job Details" container. This container is where I took my workflow from and what you can use to view jobs that were ran. Other interesting containers are below it such as Job Results Details and Job Schedule Details. You can copy these portions of the workflow and paste them into a new workflow to view jobs/queues/etc.

For your purpose I would copy the following tools:


Tyler Nguyen
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks, @TylerNg . I'm working on getting access to the DB so that I can test out this app.