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API Execute Workflow not Passing my Credentials

I published a workflow with my credentials to Gallery. When I go to gallery and run the workflow, it executes with out any issues. I have the access to file share paths and database my workflow is conencting too.


I am using API - https://<MyCompanyURL>/gallery/api/v1 to get all the details and passing my API Key and Secret for authentication. I am using the JS index file at shared y alteryx -


I am able to execute all these methods without issue






Basically all Get mehtods work without problem. But when I try to execute the workflow using API, it fails because it runs as LocalAdmin of my Alteryx Server which obviously do not have access to DB and shared path.


Can anyone help me understand why my workflow runs whenI do it from gallery but not when I do it from API. Please note that I have publised this workflow to run as my credentials



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @deepsatism 


Unfortunately, the Gallery API cannot pass workflow credentials. You'll need to change either the Service Account or the Run As to the pass the proper credentials. 


There is an idea on community to add workflow credentials to the Gallery API, which you can add your comments here -