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Gallery Admin - default password


Hi All,


I am new to this tool and I was trying to install/configure the same as part of PoC for my company. As trial I have installed “Complete Alteryx server” in one machine.

The installation was successful and I choose built in authentication for Gallery. Currently I am not sure the gallery admin password, I have only provided the Gallery administration user not password during the setup.

I would appreciate if someone could help me on this.








Hi @ratheesh


When you go to your gallery URL have you created a password? Did you set up SMTP in the system settings of the server?




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant 


Hi @Jordan


Thanks a lot for the reply. I have created an account with the same name which provided as admin user while configuring the gallery and that worked!!!.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @JordanB, 


Ran into this issue as well. I have not set up (nor enabled)smtp in the system settings of the server. Only  Default Gallery Administrator. To what account and.or password is this linked? As far as i'm aware i have not been prompted to create a password when going to the gallery URL. 


Runnig Server Version



Alteryx Certified Partner

Found it. 


If you use the built-in authorization method. You only fill in an email address.


If you succesfully set up the server and visit the gallery in your browser. you will have the option to sign in on your top right corner. When you click here, you'll have two options: sign in and sign up. If you sign-up with the email address you entered in the alteryx server settings, it will recognize you as the administrator.