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Custom Main Page in Gallery

I may have missed it somewhere in the documentation - Is there a way to modify the Home page of the Gallery on a private server? 

Or at least have the Gallery default to opening on the Districts page?

The way we plan on using our server, it doesn't make much sense to have it open to Home when we aren't setting any workflows as public.


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



You should get in touch with @patrick_digan .  He and his team made some improvements to the gallery presentation that you should see.  I will send you an invite to get in touch.


Until then, you can see his write-up in the Analytic Excellence award winners page:



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this is tagged as "solved". Any chance you could provide the actual solution as we are still looking for a way to either customize the "home page" of the gallery or to include a custom home page from which we then forward to the actual Gallery.


Thanks in advance,



Paging @patrick_digan... 

@oliver_huber, Patrick can explain it much better than I.

@oliver_huber I just got back from vacation and saw this! To the extent that you know js and css, the home page is very customizable. Here is a picture of the public alteryx gallery:




Our private gallery started out the exact same. Then we customized it to look like this:



You can see that we've tailored this to our particular needs. Here are the highlights:

1) Sorted apps by name.

2) Made it feel more like an app gallery by just having a big icon and title.

3) Made it 1 page and allowed unlimited apps.


Apart from the homepage, we've customized various other aspects as items come up. For example, if you click run on an app with no questions, the default is that you would then have to hit run again on the next screen. We've automated that second run.


To access the js and css files where are the magic takes place, go to your Alteryx install directory and then Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\gallery\production\. There you will find the production.js and production.css files that we've been modifying.


Please PM me if you want more details or to discuss this!


We are about to get a private gallery, and this stuff looks amazing.  Is there any way we could get some knowledge base articles on some of the big changes such as making it one page, changing the icon, etc.?

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer

@StephenR great idea! I'll keep it in mind. My only hesitation is that it's very unsupported/unofficial. There are several times where I've added an extra character or deleted a section I wasn't supposed to and our entire gallery was down (I quickly went back to a backup copy!). In true Alteryx fashion, I just have an alteryx workflow that does all the modifications at this point. It's a bunch of regex_replaces where I find certain spots in the js and css files and then replace it with the items I want. 


@patrick_digan That totally makes sense.  I wonder if gallery customization might be a good topic for the Ideas forum.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer