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Exclamation mark in server URL

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it's hard to share Alteryx workflows on the server with end users, because the URL contains an exclamation mark!

The URL can look like this http://<server>.<company>/gallery/#!app/MyCoolApp


We're using SharePoint and have created sites for sharing our Alteryx apps to end users. The end users can click on the links to their apps and trigger them themselves.

The link will open Alteryx server, but the app will not show. This is because SharePoint automatically changes "!" to "%21" (one should think this would be OK, but it isn't).

Does the default URLs to the server contain "!", and can that be changed?


I think this is a SharePoint specific problem, the app links work fine with ordinary html coding or from Outlook.



Hi @jeneir - unforuntately this can't be configured from the Server side. Perhaps you could post on the Sharepoint forums to explore possible workarounds?

Sophia Fraticelli
Senior Solutions Architect
Alteryx, Inc.