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Error on ToolId 86: Connection to platform was not successful.

7 - Meteor

hi all, 

I wonder if you can help us on something a bit weird happening in the server. 
We have a scheduled job which call a Sharepoint yxdb file and then it merge with Google analytics, union and write the same yxdb in sharepoint (Sharepoint Output Tool). 
Intermittently we see an error in the server saying Connection to platform was not successful and this occur always in the SharePoint Ouptut tool. 

I attach below the workflow impacted and we would like to know if the BUD tool is correct and from a workflow standpoint should be ok or there is something you can suggest? 
Many thansk as always for your help


@lzanotti , are you using the most recent version of the sharepoint tools?  see the following link for the most recent version:


regarding the BUD tool, i don't think that placement has anything to do with the error, but as a best practice, I'd say BUDs are usually placed right before any tool that writes an output. So in your workflow, I'd place it right before the Sharepoint Output tool.


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