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Error loading schedules on Alteryx Gallery

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Hi All,


We are facing an issue with our Alteryx Schedules on the Gallery. None of the schedule jobs are visible in the Gallery Schedules pane or the Admin->Jobs->Schedules page. We see the below error on both the pages. Has anyone faced this issue before?




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Hello @sbutoliy 


Yes, We have seen this error for our admin page as well.

The issue was with:

- Corrupt / Disabled schedules

- Or Disabled schedules by Inactive user


The Corrupt/Disabled schedules needs to be deleted or corrected. You can do this by using Robo 3T(Mongo DB) on your Alteryx server.

You can seek help from Alteryx Support if you are doing it for first time.


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Agreed with above.  I've experienced this when schedules are owned by users that are no longer in Active Directory.  The only resolution was to manually delete said schedule records from the MongoDB, using Robo3T.

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I've recently had the problem with the schedules jobs.
where can I find instructions on how to clean



the faulty jobs with Robo 3T?


Case #00525982 - AW: Error Loading Schedules [ ref:_00DE0JJZ4._5002R1OmV03:ref ]

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Hello @Forsethi 


Yes, You can clean it with help of Robo3T or even mongo db console as well


Connect with Alteryx support to get required commands for cleaning purposes.

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Hello @AsmiDesai , @Forsethi 


Do you have the required commands for cleaning process? Would appreciate if you could suggest.


We are facing similar issue after upgrading the server.

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Hi @sbutoliy , 


This error occurred because of the Corrupt / Disabled schedules Or Disabled schedules by the Inactive user. This has to be removed from the mongoDB using Robo3T or you can jump into the particular person's studio and delete the inactive schedules.

Please find the document that helps to connect monogoDB via Robo3T. Please handle and use commands carefully when dealing with Robo3T.





Ariharan Rengasamy