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How to Login to Robo 3T


How to Login to Robo 3T

Robo3T is a freely available GUI editor for MongoDB. This article covers connecting to the Embedded Alteryx Server MongoDB.  Speak with your DBA to connect to User-Managed or Atlas MongoDB. 


  • Admin access to the Alteryx Server 
  • Robo 3T (download "Robo 3T Windows .exe" from GitHub.


Gather your connection details

  1. Open Alteryx System Settings on the Server (Controller) machine.
  2. Gather the following information from the Controller > Persistence > Database section:
    • Host
    • Username
    • Password (not the Admin Password)

The Server MongoDB has three databases:
  • AlteryxGallery
  • AlteryxGallery_Lucene
  • AlteryxService

Connect to AlteryxGallery database

  • Open Robo 3T. 
  • Select File > Connect > Create
  • Configure Connection tab
  1. Type =       Direct Connection
  2. Name =     AlteryxGallery
  3. Address =  localhost  <or value from Connection Details above>
  4. Port =        27018  <or value from Connection Details above>
  • Configure Authentication tab
  1. Enable Perform authentication
  2. Database =             AlteryxGallery
  3. User Name =          user
  4. Password =            <non-Admin password from Connection Details above>
  5. Auth Mechanism = SCRAM-SHA-1
  6. Select Test to ensure the connection is successful
  7. Select Save
  • Select Connect to open the database in the left pane,

Connect to AlteryxService database

  • Select File > Connect
  • Select Clone
  • Change Connection tab > Name to AlteryxService
  • Change Authentication tab > Database to AlteryxService
  • Select Test 
  • Select Save 
  • Select Connect to open the database in the left pane,

Connect to AlteryxGallery_Lucene database

  • Repeat the steps above to clone and set the Name and Database to AlteryxGallery_Lucene
  • Select Connect to open the database in the left pane,

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