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Email Addresses are getting dropped when workflow is run on server but not in desktop

7 - Meteor

Good Morning,


We are experiencing an issue where random email addresses are being dropped when a workflow is run on Alteryx Server.  If the workflow is run locally in the Desktop Application it distributes to all email addresses as expected. 


This is a recent occurrence and seems to be impacting any workflow with multiple email addresses in the email tool.  I have not yet tested using events, but plan to.


Any guidance is greatly appreciated.




@Thorsty1 can you try to run the workflow on the Alteryx Designer thats installed on the Server machine?

This issue may be due to whether the Server  can access the smtp server to email all the addresses - just a thought.

11 - Bolide

Make sure there are no spaces between email addresses, only a semicolon.


Example:; will send an email to both addresses; will only send to the first address 

8 - Asteroid

one badly formed address will spoil a lot of them.

I like to copy from alteryx and paste into Outlook to see if it can resolve them


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

I've run into the space thing as well (having a space between emails). 

7 - Meteor

Thank you all for the ideas and and quick responses.  It appears that the spaces after the semicolons were the issue!