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Changing Server (Controller/Worker/Gallery) time zones from UTC to PST




Can anybody validate/confirm my thoughts...has anybody done this before???



Currently, our Alteryx Server (Controller/Worker/Gallery) are set up on UTC time (which is 8 hours ahead of our current Pacific Standard Time – PST).


I'm planning on changing the server to PST:


1) I know how to change the time zones in the respective servers, but I'm not positive on the proper order or steps to complete.

For example, # 1, I assume I should stop the services on all 3 machines (does order matter? - controller - 1st, Worker - 2nd, Gallery - 3rd?).

2) And then, make the time zone changes on each machine.

3) Then restart services on each machine (does order matter)?

4) Lastly, my understanding is that if a workflow ran daily at 1:30 PM UTC (5:30 AM PST) it would still run at 1:30 PM but at 1:30 PM PST after the change, is that right?


Thanks in advance...




Hi @JohnBell


For the restarting sequence, it is better to  

Stop 1st. Worker -> 2nd gallery -> 3rd Controller

Start 1st.Controller -> 2nd gallery-> 3rd Worker


For Q4, answer should be 'Yes', if you have set the schedule job in gallery.


Best Regards,