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Changing Server (Controller/Worker/Gallery) time zones from UTC to PST




Can anybody validate/confirm my thoughts...has anybody done this before???



Currently, our Alteryx Server (Controller/Worker/Gallery) are set up on UTC time (which is 8 hours ahead of our current Pacific Standard Time – PST).


I'm planning on changing the server to PST:


1) I know how to change the time zones in the respective servers, but I'm not positive on the proper order or steps to complete.

For example, # 1, I assume I should stop the services on all 3 machines (does order matter? - controller - 1st, Worker - 2nd, Gallery - 3rd?).

2) And then, make the time zone changes on each machine.

3) Then restart services on each machine (does order matter)?

4) Lastly, my understanding is that if a workflow ran daily at 1:30 PM UTC (5:30 AM PST) it would still run at 1:30 PM but at 1:30 PM PST after the change, is that right?


Thanks in advance...




Hi @JohnBell


For the restarting sequence, it is better to  

Stop 1st. Worker -> 2nd gallery -> 3rd Controller

Start 1st.Controller -> 2nd gallery-> 3rd Worker


For Q4, answer should be 'Yes', if you have set the schedule job in gallery.


Best Regards,





@JohnBell I have the same issue...we reset the timezone on the Server but Gallery appears to still be running on UTC.  From your steps below, it sounds like I need to bounce Gallery for it to pick up on the Server time zone change?





Hi Jesse,


I haven't changed the time zone yet on the server.  I'm planning on doing it later this month during our regular monthly patching.


I was going to follow Samuel's advice and follow his sequence amongst the Server components.


Let me know how it works for you...but yes, all components need to be restarted after the change.








@JohnBell Thanks!  I'll let you know how it goes...