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Change workflow according to individual running workflow

7 - Meteor

I've uploaded my workflow to my organization's Alteryx Gallery and given a select group of users access to run the workflow.


I'd like to change my workflow so that it checks who the person is who triggered the run, and then send them an email with the results (and only them). Is there a way to do this, that is check the run-time meta-data associated with a run and set some sort of flow-controls to divert emails?

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

This is possible yes, via chained app.   The first app would be merely to get the user's info and create a YXDB with whatever user info you want (id, name, email, etc.).  You have to send this YXDB to the Gallery as an asset when you save the app.  That way each individual user gets his own at run time and it's sitting up there in the Gallery in that person's own temp space.  The app launches another app directly afterwards (so a chained app), and in that chained app that asset is on the canvas.  And then you can use that in the app anyway you like.


So something like:

APP1:  Grabs user info and saves it in a YXDB in that apps temp space for just that run for just that user.  Triggers APP2.

APP2:  Has that YXDB as an input and since it's chained an in the same temp space, it will use what was just created for that user.


In APP2, you'll connect a Text Box tool to whatever tools you want to update with the user's info.  Make sure to check the "Hide Control" box so the user doesn't see it.  Then, on the annotation, you enter in the Name field "__cloud:UserId".  

Check out the YXMD I attached to the following thread:







@AlleghenyAnalyst12, there is not an Alteryx Server functionality that will allow you to find out the user who ran a workflow and send an email notification to just that user. It may be possible to accomplish what you are looking for by making changes to the workflow itself.


The link that @mbarone provided should give you a good direction on what to do.  Here is another link too and make sure to read through the discussion:


For help with designing workflows you could take advantage the Virtual Solucion Center at this link:


You could also check with your Alteryx Account Executive to see if you have available enablement hours that could be used for help on designing workflows.


Good luck!

12 - Quasar

hey @AlleghenyAnalyst12 

I'd recommend checking out this post:

You may have to trawl the comments, but they discuss how to do this. It involves connecting to the mongodb hosted on the server machine, but IS possible!

Hope this helps,