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Change default options in Gallery for users

7 - Meteor

Hi Team,


In alteryx gallery, I want to change default option for users like who can schedule, prioritize, assign jobs, app access...

I want to make it custom all the time when new user is added. I there any way?



Sagar Kharpude




16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

HI @sagarkharpude ,


Not that I'm aware of. Maybe there is a way of doing this change directly in mongodb with some kind of scheduled alteryx workflow changing these options on a daily basis.


In the below link, there is a users topic showing boolean flags for those stats.


I don't have much knowledge in mongodb but from my perspective is totally doable.,you%20wish....




Fernando Vizcaino

7 - Meteor

Thanks for the reply. Can you please elaborate it like how can we achieve it? Is it possible using Alteryx API? 

7 - Meteor

Yes, with MongoDB it seems to be possible. But still I am not getting the exact expected output. Not sure if I am missing something.