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Cancelling Scheduled Workflow Run From Gallery Completes Schedule - Can This Be Disabled?


Occasionally the Alteryx Server Admin or a Workflow Publisher needs to cancel a workflow execution that was started by a Gallery Schedule. This could be due to a long running workflow, queue management, etc. In Alteryx Server version 11.5.1 doing this frequently (but not always) marks the schedule as "Complete" and requires the schedule owner to re-setup the schedule to keep it running on its cadence. 


Can this behavior be disabled such that cancelling a currently executing workflow / queued workflow does not mark the schedule "Complete" and allows the workflow to run again at its next scheduled time? Additionally, why is the behavior inconsistent in that sometimes the schedule is marked complete after canceling a run while occasionally the cancellation does not alter the schedule? 


Thanks for any insight,



Hi @rdoptis,


Have you reached out to support to create a case on the issue?


I believe this may be related to a known issue that we will be addressing in a future release.  If you could kindly shoot us an email we will confirm this and we will be able to keep you updated on the fix if we determine you are experiencing the same issue.




Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

Hi @JessicaS,


We had not previously filed a support ticket, however have now forwarded this thread to support. 


Best regards,



To close out on this thread, Alteryx Support has confirmed this is a product defect, and product development will address the root cause in an upcoming release.