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Building Widgets for Summary of Workflow Schedules

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Our team plans on building a dashboard that shows a summary of schedule of all workflows of our Alteryx server for the next few days (maybe 1-2 weeks in advance). This is to enable users to build workflows that minimizes scheduling conflict with other workflows. Please verify my following assumptions and/or suggest better alternative and/or provide tips:


1. I found out that I can access the REST API (GET /admin/v1/schedules/) to get the summary of schedules.

2. I plan on building a widget / custom UI on the Gallery page of our Alteryx displaying the results of the REST API.

3. I will use the HTML GUI SDK of Alteryx.

4. I can call the REST API directly using the JavaScript inside the HTML code. Do I still need to define a tool function (C++ / Python / Alteryx Macro) since I have no need of a back end?

5. Or is there an Alteryx Gallery page somewhere where you can see summary of workflow schedules?






@menorah84 ,


You can see a summary of workflow schedules in the Gallery Admin panel, under Jobs > Scheduled Workflows -


You can see the interactive documentation for the Gallery API - [your gallery base url]/gallery/api-docs/#admin - there are pre-built clients available to get you started - 



An alternative to the REST API is connecting to the MongoDB. The Server Usage Report ( offers a baseline to build custom dashboards. I've seen a Tableau dashboard with a heat map of which hours are crowded with existing schedules to get others to schedule during more off-hours.