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Auto-Queue Workflows in Alteryx Gallery

6 - Meteoroid

I have a collection of workflows in my company Gallery, each depends on data generated by 1 or more of the previous workflows. Currently I am running them manually when each completes every 30min.


Is there a way to run them sequentially? I have started looking into the Runner and Conditional Runner CREW Macros but am so far unsure of how to make them work with Gallery workflows/collections.


Note: the client delivers some initially required files for the workflows, but their delivery time isnt dependable so I dont have this set to a schedule.

10 - Fireball

@suarezr One option you have is to combine all the workflows into one workflow, each with a control container around it. Control containers that are connected in essence tells the workflow not to run contents in the one container until the previous container completes. You would then connect the control containers in the proper order. So if workflow A needs to run and return updated data that workflow B would then use, you would set it up like the following:

Screenshot 2024-05-30 134251.png

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @suarezr ,


Before everything, I totally agree with @cpet13 . Control containers is the best solution for this kind of use case.

Only to add more to the topic in case anyone else is interested in running workflows sequentially.


You can achieve this by using the Gallery APIs as well.

It is not as simple as using control containers, but if you can`t merge everything into one workflow, that would be your one and only option for workflows published on the Gallery.


If your workflows are organized in folders, you can use the conditional runner or the list runner tools to read from there.



Fernando Vizcaino