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Auth: Win AD - Groups


Hi All


I would like to use Win-AD Groups to control permissions on the gallery and for different collections. But as far I don't get it to run. I assume that the gallery can only work with users and not with groups and the users behind. Could this be correct?


Thanks for your help


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

If you have Windows Authentication set up for your server, you should be able to used AD Groups in your permissioning on the Gallery. 


If you download the latest Alteryx Server Installation and Configuration Guide (the link can be found on the Alteryx Downloads Page), the information on Page 43 shows how this is done.


I have also included the Product Manager, @JohnF, so he can add any other thoughts.

Thanks for the question!


Hi Rod


Thanks for your answer. I am able to make permission entries for AD Groups, but this doesn't affect the AD Users which belong to this group. As example I used a group to give some users the Artisan permission, but unfortunately the AD Users in this group didn't receive this permission. So I assume, that Alteryx Gallery is seeing the group as normal user and don't import the users which belongs to the AD Group.


Thanks for helping.


Was this ever resolved for you? I followed the steps in the Administrator guide, but users that are a member of groups that I've applied permissions too are getting the same permissions. Please help.


Thank you




So I think even in Recent Alteryx Server versions  the feature of adding AD groups to Permissions does not work?