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Alteryx Server Licence UAT/PROD


Hello Community,


I need to install Alteryx server on UAT (Test) and PROD environment.

Do I need to buy licences for both environments please?


Many thanks in advance,



Under Alteryx's licensing policy, User Acceptance Testing would be considered a production process and would require a production license.


However, if the intent of this server is for patch, configuration, and upgrade testing, that would qualify as a sandbox license. A sandbox license is a paid license, but is a fraction of the price of a production license. Your account executive would be able to assist with the purchasing conversation.


Let me know if I can provide more context!



@ZacharyM Thanks for clearing that up for us!!  Let me ask for a bit more context, if you dont mind.  We are in the same boat, but we dont intend to be doing UAT testing, just want a separate place for patch, configuration and upgrade testing.  Does the sandbox license allow you do have the same setup (we have a 4-core node and 2 2-core workers)?  Also, is there any documentation on the "Sandbox" license on your website?




To my knowledge, Sandbox licensing isn't listed on the website. You should reach out to your account rep and they would be able to provide information on pricing etc. - I am not a sales rep, so this is outside of my area of expertise.


As far as 'can you do this with a sandbox license' - the sandbox license allows you to license a non-production server (as defined in my last post) with a number of cores not to exceed your production instance.


So if your production instance is licensed for a total of 8 or more cores, then yes you can use your sandbox license in that way.