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Alteryx Gallery unknow error




I am developing some apps using the gallery server. I have some "unknown" errors when I run my app and the files are bigger than 50k rows in excel. I think this amount should not be big enough to launch an error.


I think it is because I am using the render tool in order to give format to the output, with some test I realised that with the same inputs and the same render tool, if I tried to create the output to be download from the web it fails, but if I create the file in a path, the app create the file and after give the same error. It means the workflow works till the end, but at the end there is any kind of error I cannot discover.


I am sorry but I am not able to upload the workflow. 

Do your server machine(s) have the Office Access Database Engine 2010 installed?


We have :MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2012 NATIVE CLIENT. If this is not the right answer, how can I check it?


In fact, with others applications I do not have any problems.