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Alteryx Gallery Cache Issue



  • Once I successfully save a workflow to gallery and go to my private studio (without doing a view browser) the workflow does not show up in the gallery. (as it normally does)and if I hit “View Browser”  then I can view my uploaded workflow and manual run the workflow successfully but if I try to schedule the workflow I get below error.
  • "The owner of this schedule does not have access to the workflow being scheduled"

Yes, in my admin view - it has been set to Enable users to schedule workflows as "Yes"

I have upgraded the server and client to latest version 11.7.4 (after being told by Alteryx support) But I am still facing the issue.

This issue is not specific to particular user or workflow. All users are facing the issue for all the workflows.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @amruta


Happy to have worked with you on this one and glad it got resolved!


For transparency to those who come across the same issue, amruta contacted and we found that the mongo database was being backed up because of certain entries that got "stuck" during a server migration. We cleaned up the mongo and reset everything and things went back to working. If anyone has similar issues, we would recommend contacting support as navigating the mongo can be a bit tricky and we wouldn't want any permanent damage to be done.


To avoid future situations we suggest that whenever Server is being migrated, or any changes to the Server happen, that the AlteryxService is completely stopped and no schedules are being run. This way the Service can completely shut down, and there are no records or entries "stuck" in limbo and all the changes can be completed cleanly.





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi, I find myself in the same situation on a non-production environment; slipped my mind to check that the service had actually stopped.


Can you advise what these clean-up steps and what I should be looking for? I notice that a restoration from a previous backup did not rectify this so likely this might have something to do with the metadata?