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Alteryx Gallery - Admin questions (Collections)


Hello Peers,


Newbie here. Couple of questions on Alteryx Gallery. Please advise.


1. How do we setup security or grant access on each workflow inside the collections of gallery? In my case, I would like to grant different access on different workflows from same collection to multiple people in different ways. Not everyone must be able to see/run all workflows from that collection. How can I achieve that?


2. If not possible, can we setup security/access on a workflow individually outside collections?


Thanks in advance

Alteryx Partner


It's my understanding/experience that you cannot set up individual access for a workflow inside a collection (the collection holds the permissions).

we set the collections up as groups of users-because you can add workflows to multiple collections ( so workflow A can be added to collection 1 AND collection 2 and collection 3) 



Within a workflow you can set credentials- but that becomes an issue as they will always have to have access to those credentials (so any workflow that requires those credentials would then be available for that user to run) 



Sure @DerangedVisions that makes a lot of sense! But is there a way I can setup workflow credentials using SSO so that it can act dynamically? Please advise. Thanks!



Alteryx Partner

@timewaste sorry- I guess I don't fully understand what you are trying to do.  If a workflow is saved with no credentials and is run from the gallery it will run as "local user" which Is basically the VM the server is on (so they would not need credentials)

I misunderstood your question as if you wanted to create extra permissions for specific workflows (which would entail adding specific credentials in the "workflow credentials" section on the Admin side of the Gallery, and giving users permissions to use those credentials) 

sorry for the confusion!


@DerangedVisions Sorry for the confusion. I think I got the answer for the above one. Thanks a lot.


But just another question. If I grant access to a collection to someone as a Viewer (role), and if that person happens to be an Artisan (role by default permissions), will he able to add his private workflows to the collection? Because, I tried that with my colleague and it threw this below error:


Alteryx Use Case.png















Please advise. Thanks once again!

Alteryx Partner

Glad you figured it out! what was the solution (because i'm the curious type!) 

They have to be added as an admin of that collection in order to publish to it.  Here is a thread from the community that might help


@DerangedVisions Sure, its rather a different way of doing this than a solution. So what I did/am planning to do is that create new subscriptions(private studios) based on teams/user groups in the company. Now while doing so, I will have an idea of how many people belong to that subscription(private studio) and define them whether they are Artisans or members.


Thereafter, when they login they have access to only that subscription/private studio wherein if they create a new collection/collections, I can ensure only one of them can be a Collection Admin. Once I identify the admin, he will be able to create multiple collections and assign users accordingly (whom should have access to what) thereby security works in the way their team wants.


Hope this helps. Thanks for your answers!

Alteryx Partner

@timewaste it took me a second to wrap my head around it, but that's a good way of getting the permissions broken out with multiple users/teams!!

At first I thought you might have issues if someone needs access to something in a different private studio (because each user can only belong to one) but if it's set up by team then that would work! (might have to pass along your idea to our teams here :) Thanks!!


@DerangedVisions Sure, hope it works for you guys over there!