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Alteryx 2021.1 Data Connections, unable to translate alias after server upgrade

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Recently our company has upgraded the server from 2020.4 to 2021.1. We realized that some of the workflows all of a sudden generating errors (Unable to translate alias) for business partners (members not artisans who build the workflows) who were able to run fine before the upgrade. After some testings, including removing the users from the assigned credentials and adding them back, making sure the workflow assets are packaged, we found out that by sharing the actual data connection to the business partners would resolve the issue (Add the user under the Data Connection tab). However, this was not required before the upgrade. Normally, only the Artisans will require the data connection and business partners (members) who run and extract data will need the appropriate credentials, not the actual data connections. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this before/ any solutions to this? Thanks!