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AMP Engine - Publish to Alteryx Server

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Hi everyone,


I have a question regarding AMP Engine. I have workflow used AMP Engine and I publish to Alteryx Server however, I can't run the workflow with AMP Engine. Is there any way to solve this problem?





What is the version of your Server? 

Alteryx Partner

Hi ArtApa,


I using version 2020.2


If you will then click on the disabled Run button, you should get the following message:




If that's the case, you probably did not enable the e2 engine. See the documentation: 




Thank you for the early feedback on the new AMP Engine. 


@ArtApa  is correct - Server does support using the AMP Engine, but it is up to the Server Admins to configure an instance to allow that. 


If you are able to get your Server instance configured to  "Enable e2 Engine" (AMP Engine) I encourage you to continue to report any use case issues that you find with running workflows with AMP Engine enabled. We worked hard to identify differences from the original Engine as well as provide guidance on how to better optimize workflows to run with AMP. 


If you haven't already, please review our articles related to using the new AMP Engine:

Tonya Smith
Technical Product Manager, Engines