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Types of Delimiters for reading data input data tool

9 - Comet

Hi Everyone, 


What would be the correct answer for this question ?


Q) In input data tool what is the symbol for "no delimiter" ?

Options are:-\0, \, [blank], \n, \^, \!, \nd


and if you can share all types of delimiter, it would be really helpful in understanding it deeply.


Thanks in advance!

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @Rahul_Analyst 


Assuming this is a certification question we wont be able to answer it directly. Good way to find answers is read a sample text file and set a delimiter and see which one is none. You can experiment more to learn about different delimiter


Sadly there is no list of different delimiters that can be used. Since any character can be used as a delimiter.


Hope this helps : )



9 - Comet

Hello @atcodedog05,


Thanks for responding.

5 - Atom

\0 is the answer.

6 - Meteoroid

Where can I find a full list of delimiters that can be used in the Input Tool.