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Twitter Search Tool - no longer in Gallery?

Good day,


I had to reinstall my version of Alteryx and lost the Twitter Search Tool. Documentation points to the Gallery.




This tool is not automatically installed with Alteryx Designer. To use this tool, download it from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery


Unfortunately, in the Gallery, I no longer find the Tool. Where could I find it?


Twitter Search Tool.PNG


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I'm running 2018.3.4 and the Twitter Search tool is available as a deprecated tool. To find this tool in Alteryx, Right click on your tool bar and select the options to "Show Deprecated Tools" and look in the Connectors category when that action is finished.








Otherwise, the Twitter Search tool is a macro in the installation files and I've attached the macro to this post. 




Thank you so much Charlie... Finding the Deprecated Tools was cool. Appreciate your help.




Thank you.


Charlie, thanks for the advise.


I do regret to let you know that although I can see the deprecated tool and drag it to the canvas; when I try to run it, it errors out reading: Error: Twitter Search (1): The Twitter Search tool is deprecated - please download the latest version from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. I'm using 2019.1 


Also, I tried running your macro, but it gave a similar error. Do you have an update on how to get Alteryx to get along with twitter?





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

That message and error is forced in there by the Message (368) tool. To locate (and disable) this tool, right-click on the Twitter macro, and right click again to "Find Tool..." and navigate to 368 - Message. This will take you to the tool producing that error for you do with with as you will. 


Hi Charlie,


I get the following error