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Output Data Without Header into Excel Template


Hi - 


I am using a formatted Excel template with specific named ranges. When I output data from an Access table into the Excel named range, the header from the Access table is pasted into the Excel named range. Is there a solution to skip the header record when pasting into the Excel named range?


Thanks much,



There is probably a better solution than this, but I tried a couple things and didn't make a ton of headway.

There is a tool called "Dynamic Rename" which has an option for the rename mode "Take Field Names from First Row of Data".

If you set that up right before your output tool, I believe that it will accomplish what you are looking for, even if it is a bit of a workaround.


Thanks, @Claje. It solved my problem, except that I can now no longer output data into separate tabs based on a specific field.


If there are any other solutions, I'd like to see if there is a different option.


Thanks for the quick reply though!


If that field is a part of your final output, you can use a formula tool before the dynamic rename to create a duplicate of this field, and deselect the duplicated field in the dynamic rename tool.  Then you can use the new duplicate field in the Output Data options to change the sheet name, and uncheck the "Include in file" box.

Again, there might be better options so I don't want to say this is the be-all end-all, but this should work for your need.


Great idea, that worked!!! Thank you so much.



In my output, the first row of data is already text. Please help.


Text Alteryx.JPG