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Oracle 64 bits client connection issue

7 - Meteor



When I try to connect to Oracle, I experience this error message. Currently I have both of 32 bits and 64 bits OCI installed. How do I make sure Alteryx picks up 64 bits instead of 32 bits? Any settings from Alteryx?

Currently if I use 32 bits OCI, it works.


Hi Terry,


I just wanted to respond to this post just to put closure to it, even Henriette had helped you resolve the issue. Generally speaking, the issue appears to have stemmed from moving the location of the installation of the Oracle instant client. Alteryx did not know where to find it after that point. Pointing Alteryx to the new location, along with a few other troubleshooting steps, resolved your issue.


Thank you.

Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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Hi Dan,


I am having this exact same issue. Can you please share the steps you took to resolve? I don't see them in this forum.





Hi @jseagraves,


Thank you for your post. As this will likely require a closer look at your computer and configurations, please submit a support request to A Customer Support Engineer will be more than happy to assist you.


Thank you!

Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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Given that the official answer really isn't an answer at all.

Here's a possible solution for Windows (and how I got it to work on my system)


!! Warning : playing around with your system variables may break program from working correctly in your system if changed inappropriately, proceed at your own risk


- Go to Oracle website and download the 64 bit or 32 bit Oracle Instant client (depending version of Alteryx you are using)

- Unzip the instant client somewhere on your system that you can easily find

- Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system Settings -> Environment Variables

- Go to system variables section

- Find variable called "Path"

- Replace the entry pointing to your 32 bit client with the location of your new one (alternatively, if you have no entry pointing to an instant client, then add a new entry at the end

-- (each entry ends with a semi colon ;)


PS. Best to save your old path variable text somewhere before making changes; just in case you need to restore it


All the best

5 - Atom

Hi DevonL, 


it worked for me.

I tried installing oracle client multiple times only to fail.

This worked as charm for me.

11 - Bolide

You can also have both versions of the driver running if needed for backwards compatibility.   You just need to have you SQL_PATH with both locations separated by a semi-colon.    Keep in mind that Alteryx will only read the variables when it opens, so you will need to close designer and re-open to make Alteryx aware of the new location.