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Ended by downstream workflow


For the first time in months, I am importing data and then it is ended by a downstream tool. Why?

I am only using two tools : import and filter. I am trying to import 26K records but only 10K are imported due to "ended by a downstream tool"


Why am I just now having this issue?



Hi @kw, try adding a browse after the filter.


Unless you have a small dataset, Alteryx displays partial results in the results view when you click on an individual tool. Since 10k of records reaches that maximum (I think it's 1mb?) and you are not doing anything else with them, the workflow stops.


Thank you for replying @DataBlender. The issue is when I read the Results in the workflow message that provides status. I know it should at least read in the entire file but its not due to it being ended by a downstream tool.






Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@DataBlender is correct.

Without the Browse tool, Alteryx will only feed through the process what it will need to get to the 1MB of data.

If you add the browse tool at the end of the workflow, that message should be eliminated.