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Can you create a profit loss statement using the report tool?


Is it possible to create a simple profit loss statement using the report tool with totals and subtotals between revenue and expenses? 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I'm sure you can do this yes. I'd probably generate those values before building out and using the report tools though. I.e. using the summerizr tool to create a total value and then unioning this to your main data stream to give a total row. Performing the same process with a group by to get your sub-total rows.


Does that make sense?


Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it out and post a response and let you know.


Here's one I did earlier.


I created some dummy data with a text input tool. The page is then built as follows:

1. Create the report name.

2. Build the summary table column by column separately and put them together at the end.

a.) Column 1 is the category names (static)

b.) Column 2 is the notes (static)

c. and d.) Column 3 and 4 are the figures, which are taken from the Text Input tool.

You use Union tools to join objects vertically and join multiple tools to join objects horizontally.

Finally, you use a Render tool to generate an output file - in this case a temporary PDF file.


If you give me an example of what you're looking for, I could play around with it.