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Best Practices for Alteryx Use

7 - Meteor

Is anyone aware of any thread, documentation or other source of information regarding best practices for maintaining controls when using Alteryx?  My company needs to develop comprehensive set of standards to follow when integrating Alteryx into our desk procedures, similar to guidelines we have for spreadsheet controls as relating to Excel use so i'm looking for some resources to reference. 


As an example, another dept at my work has a policy, "all workflows that run automatically MUST have a rule to send an email notification if the workflow doesn't complete or runs with an error."  I'm looking for more input along these lines to create company-wide policy.


Thanks for any direction anyone can provide. 

13 - Pulsar

For Best Practices - Attached are some notes and documents I've collected over the past few months


Some of the notes discuss automated monitoring of log files, which may address your need.


You can write a workflow to open each yxmd file and ensure an email tool is included.  See this post about searching for    <Node ToolID=





7 - Meteor

Thanks Chris, there's some good stuff in here.  Appreciate your input.


I'm still compiling sources for this project so if anyone else has something to share i'd love to see it!

15 - Aurora

Hi Chris,


Thank you for those materials they are super useful. 

Do you have some additional files like this that you could share with the community?