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Add Labels to All Splits of Interactive Bar Chart

6 - Meteoroid

I am trying to add data labels to all of this interactive bar chart with splits. When I turn on the text for the next section, the label disappears from the other. I haven't gotten it to show the label for more than 1 split. Does anyone have a solution for me to have labels show on all splits? I have tried with both stacked and grouped with the same result. 



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Are you able to upload a copy of your workflow with input files? This will make it easier to help pinpoint the exact issue.


Otherwise, if you go to Layer, you should be able to adjust the labels under Text.




6 - Meteoroid

Thank you for the response.

I have attached a summarized version of the workflow where I am trying to add the Values associated with each category on the chart. 


When I try to turn them on from the 'By Type' tab in the layer (from the highlighted option below), it automatically turns back to 'None'. 



When I try to turn them on from the 'Individually' tab in the layer options, I can turn them on for the first category, but as I try to turn them on for the rest of the categories, they disappear from the one I just added. 

Here I turned them on for Category A:


I then scrolled down to category B and turned the text to 'Outside' for that category. It turned on, but then removed the label from A. 



Thank you!




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

So I was able to get the labels to show up for all of the bars, but to be honest, I'm not quite sure why this worked.


I removed the split under transforms, and then set the labels under Layer. Once the labels were present, I re-enabled the split.




6 - Meteoroid

That worked for me, too! I didn't even think about reversing the order. I appreciate your quick responses on this issue. 

5 - Atom

How did you get the labels on the individual columns? I am trying to display the values of each column, instead of estimating from the y axis. Thank you.