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rows to columns - multiple rows into a single row

5 - Atom

Hi, I am trying to convert multiple rows into a single with converting some of the elements of a transaction into columns. The data I have is as follows:


Patient IDsource_patient_idcase_idreferral_datecase_status_datecase_substatus_reasons_codecase_substatus_reasons_description
1001458255/12/20235/12/2023CNHCP DECISION
10014585287/5/20237/27/2023ACAPPROVED ON THERAPY


And I want to convert this into:


Patient IDsource_patient_idreferral_date_1referr_date_2case_status_date_1case_status_date_2Status_reason_code_1Status_reason_code_2diff_ref_datefinal_disposition
10014585/12/20237/5/20235/12/20237/27/2023CNAC54APPROVED ON THERAPY


I have total 30 unique Ids for which I need to do this. Only for one Id I have three transactions, rest all I have two transactions per ID. 


Could you please advise on how I can achieve this?



11 - Bolide

I would use the Multi-Row Formula tool to assign row ID/counts to each patient - this would allow me to tag the numeric prefixes to the cross-tabbed columns. Then, I'd use Cross Tab and Summarize tools, all of them grouping by Patient ID and Source Patient ID so I can join all of them together in the end. Like so:

Alteryx - agumaste rows to columns a.png

My starting dataset:

Alteryx - agumaste rows to columns b.png


My final dataset:

Alteryx - agumaste rows to columns c.png


20 - Arcturus

@agumaste One way of doing this


14 - Magnetar

Hi, @agumaste 


Another way like @binuacs :