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Create list of container and allow to select 1 by 1 and generate output

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Hi ,


I have workflow in which there are 5 container I want to create analytic app for selecting 1 by 1 to run but 3 of them are dependent as 2nd is dependent on 1 and 4th is dependent on 3rd and 5th is dependent on 2nd and 4th output as if I selected or enable 2nd container the value of 1st container should get zero. and it should generate the output of 2nd container only all 4 should be disabled.


Can we do that using Alteryx if the containers are dependent on each other

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I believe you can. You'll separate the work streams in to two parent containers: the first has your three that are dependent, and the second has the other two.


If you incorporate Radio buttons (Interface tool palette) , and then you can select from your analytic app interface which stream to run.


If you have a mock-up of your current workflow that has dummy data in there, I can likely help here.

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I don't have dummy data and cannot share workflow but that independent output are also required for dependent container...Can you please provide solution in workflow if it is possible. 

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@rank12 no worries. I was able to create a mock up for you, but there is quite a bit to unpack.


First, here is the completed workflow (see below. The first Text Input and the black container can be deleted - this was just me creating dummy data for the purposes of creating the workflow.



There are two different routes that the analytic app can go where it can either run "Good Reports" or "Bad Reports". The good reports are in the green container, and the bad reports are in the purple container.


Ultimately, you are going to want to create a dynamic file path with a Formula tool. Detailed instructions are posted below.

Formula Tool.png


Then, you are going to feed that Output Path field to an Output tool with these settings (see below)

Output settings.png


Second, you are going to build your Interface selections with Radio buttons (Interface palette), which is definitely counterintuitive but I'll try to explain.


As you can see, we have two Radio buttons: Good Reports and Bad Reports. The settings for both will be configured to Collapse Group When Deselected (see below). Basically, what this does is that if the user selects "Good Records" then the outputs from the Bad Records container are not created, and vice versa. The "Bad Records" Radio button is going to be connected to the "Good Reports" container, and the "Good Reports" Radio button is going to be connected to the "Bad Reports" container. 

Radio Button Bad Records.png


This can be confirmed in the outputs from your analytic app's interface (see below). In the photo on the left, I selected "Bad Records", clicked on "Finish", and then the app created the two reports within the same workbook based on how I built the workflow. 

"Good Records Selected"
Good Records.png

"Bad Records" selected

Bad Records selected with its output filesBad Records selected with its output files



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is it possible using alteryx

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Thank you for your help.

I have excel sheet and it has 5 different sheet to connected with each container separately sheet1 for Container 1, sheet 2 for container 2 and so on. and 1st container is independent but there are 3 fields which are required to generate output of 2nd container like input #2 difference - input #1 difference, input #3 difference - input #4 difference and input #5 difference - input #2 difference - input #4 difference and these fields are connected to multiple join and then generate output of all containers which is connected to union tool and generate a pdf file reports for all.