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how to delete old data from published Tableau datasource

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I have a workflow where I am taking current MTD data from source SQL and publishing it to the Tableau server. I need the achieve the following :


I need to maintain 12 months of aggregated data in the tableau data source so if on every 1st of the month I append the previous month data into a separate Tableau data source "TC_history" and join with daily tableau data source i.e. "TC_Delta" and "TC_history" tableau data source, it will work fine but once I reach where I have 12 months of total data and now I am in 13th month, how would I make sure I have only 12 months of data. Any ideas?


I am ok if this can be achieved through flat files as well, I can think to use a flat-file as a final source for Tableau data source.


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I haven't had to do this (yet) but what I would do is download the data from Tableau Server via their REST API, filter out the data you don't need, append the new data, then publish the new .hyper file with the Publish to Tableau tool in the Connectors palette.  An option there is to overwrite the existing hyper.  (This assumed your data source is stored within Tableau Server.)

If you .hyper file is instead in a file share, then just read the file into Alteryx, do your additions and deletions, then save the file over the original.

Hyper API:

(Found out about the Hyper API in a post by @joshuaburkhow


Good luck!

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Thanks @David-Carnes , It really helps.