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how to compress & export output files as a zip folder.

5 - Atom

Dear Community Members, 


I am struggling to export my output files as a one zip folder instead of multiple excel output files. I read many articles about batch file and run command tool which works partially on local but not getting expected output.


Here is the concern. 


If I run batch file using run command, I am able to generate zip folder of excel files but not sure how to make it exportable while I deploy on alteryx gallery i.e when I deploy my workflow on alteryx gallery and run it - it only show multiple excel files ready to export. I want to get that zip folder instead. please advice



Nik Patel

9 - Comet

Use Blob tools, generate the zip file, pass its path to the blob input to read it as blob then output the file using blob output with same name or another name, you will be able to see the output of blob in your gallery.

Please note that since run command runs outside the Alteryx, you may find it difficult to run in perfect sync. I would suggest using python instead because you can then sequence the blob to run after python completes.