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dynamic input tool - file path too long

8 - Asteroid


I am trying to use dynamic input tool and i keep getting file not found error i assume because the path of the file is too long as if i lift the filesystem to a shorter path it works fine.


anyone know how to get around without having to move the filesystem?


i have tried to make paths relative but it still reads in the complete path 😞

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @NatSnook ,


Dynamic input tool works fine with long paths as well. Maybe your problem is related to truncation of the data. 

I suggest you to check if there are no truncation in your path and to correct it by increasing the string size with a select tool.


If this is not your problem, please share some screenshots of the error and the path you are using, please.



Fernando Vizcaino

8 - Asteroid

Hi @fmvizcaino 

Thanks so much for your response - i found that one of the directory names had a space at the beginning which was being removed in the dynamic input???

couldn't figure out how to cater for that so i removed the space and now it's working 🙂