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Using the QuickBooks input Tool

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I am fairly new to Alteryx and trying to set up a connector to QuickBooks.  I was directed to the macro download for the connector found at the following:



I have set up the connector in Designer, however I have no idea what to do next.  My output when I run is two blank columns (JSON_Name and JSON_ValueString).  It does not allow me to input the reference and I am at a stand still.  I am hoping to pull multiple reports across different client bases and I am wondering the best way to do this.


For example if I pull directly into PowerBI from QuickBooks it gives me my entire client list and any report available.  

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Hi @jimmy_young,


Were you able to successfully locate the necessary inputs needed for the quickbooks input tool? This includes navigating to the intuit developer page to obtain:


  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • API Endpoint
  • Refresh Token

The article you referenced goes into detail on how to locate each of these parameters. Is there a particular piece you are having trouble obtaining?

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Hi Peter, thanks for the response!


I have all of that information and have it populated within Designer.  I can click run and I see on the Intuit Developer side that we have established a connection.  My question is what to do next. I cannot figure out how to pull down Client data (ie. if I wanted to pull a GL report for a client using set parameters.  I see in Intuit Developer how to code that, I am just not sure what I am supposed to do to actually extract the data into Designer.

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So it sounds like you successfully generated all the necessary tokens and keys to make the API call, and the problem you are facing is setting up the actual API URL Endpoint to pull down the data.


Using your example of GL data, you can reference the link below that shows you how to make the request URL:



On the right you will see an example of the Request URL: 



Try entering the above URL in the API Endpoint URL field for the tool as a test. You will need to change the sections in red where after "company/" is your company ID number and the dates will be your start and end date for the query. 



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I have a same problem no matter what I do I get the the 2 blank columns.


I had a look at the link at how to make the URL and whatever I try I get above.  The instructions are not very clear to me as I am a complete novice so I don't quite understand how I am actually meant to construct the URL.  All I want is report salesbycustomer with detail for a certain time frame.



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I posted more details as to how to extract from Quickbooks, as it is not super intuitive: