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QuickBooks Input Tool

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Ever wish you had an easy way to read in data to Alteryx Designer from your Quickbooks Online account? Well, now there's a tool for that.


This article will describe how to make an API call to QuickBooks Online through the QuickBooks Input Tool attached to this article. 


How to create your QuickBooks Developer App


NOTE: All information can be found in the developer portal for your intuit account.  


  1. Log into the Intuit developer portal here. 
  2. Navigate to "My Apps" at the top of the navigation and select to create a new app. We will then select the “Just start coding” option.
  3. From the app’s homepage, select the keys tab to view your development keys.
  4. Under Redirect URIs, be sure to specify (We will reference this link to receive our necessary tokens to grant authorization)



development keys.PNG


      5. Visit the link entered in your Redirect URI to visit the OAuth2Playground.

      6. You will then select your production app that will load your client ID and Secret

      7. Next select the Scope (the access your app is requesting, ie.      Accounting/Payment/Payroll etc.) and click “get authorization code”. (Seen Below)



playground 2.0.PNG


    8. This will then take you to a confirmation window to connect and pass us our refresh        token.

    9. You will be redirected back to the screen with a response providing the Refresh Token located in the box below in #4.






By now, you will have the following credentials needed to configure your QuickBooks Input tool:


  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Refresh Token


Our next step is to read through the Intuit Developer API documentation to create the proper Request URL for our desired data. 


Configuring the QuickBooks Connector Macro Tool 


Users will need to locate their Client ID, Client Secret, Refresh Token, as well as the desired API Endpoint URL to return the proper response from their Quickbooks account. Once the refresh token has been input, users will no longer have to provide the refresh token to the tool every time it is used. 


The Quickbooks Input tool will provide the JSON response in a JSON key/value pair. This is the most practical way to return the data to the users as parsing the table structures for reports will vary based upon the users API Endpoint Request. 


You can download the YXI Installer file for the QuickBooks Input Tool here.


NOTE: The Refresh Token generated through the OAuth Playground is meant to expire in 101 days. The macro is constructed to reset the expiration counter back to 101 days every time you run the macro. IF the macro is not used for 101 days however, the user will need to repeat steps 1-9 in order to generate a new refresh token.