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Using Predictive modeling to make data groupings based on variables

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I've been banging my head against the wall here for days, but I'm trying to find a way to leverage my data to separate a list of stores into like groups based on their sales volume and foot traffic. I know there's a tool to do it here, but I'm just not sure which one. 


Can anyone help? 



Hi @trickdigger ,


I'd recommend the multi-field binning tool since yours is a predictive use case and the values are numeric.


The Multi-Field Binning Tool is similar to the Tile Tool.

There are additional features that allow the data to be binned on multiple fields and it's built primarily for the predictive tool set. To check how to use the tool, you can look at the One Tool Example, which you can find in your Designer as attached in the screenshot below.


Hope it helps!





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Thanks for the reply, Ganesh! 


It gives me two tiles per each of the column, but I'm trying to understand the groupings taking into account both factors at once. A store with a similar foot traffic might have much lower sales and those are the things I want to consider and I don't think this tool helps me find that.

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Hello @trickdigger 


It sounds like you need to conduct a cluster analysis. You can find the tools available for this purpose under the Predictive Grouping pallete.


Also, you can find a sample workflow following this path: Help -> Sample Workflows -> Predictive tool samples -> Predictive Analytics -> K-Centroids Cluster Analysis Sample.


Hope it helps