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Trade Area - showing city names (base map) and other Report Map output problems

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Can someone identify what in my attached workflow is preventing the display of city name and the usual base map in my uses of the Report Map tool?

This workflow uses sample data included with Alteryx (C:\Program Files\Alteryx\Samples\data\SampleData\AddressData.yxdb).


A couple problems. Here is what I see (notice no city names or topography = no base map):

(EDIT: North Carolina is shown here even though I needed Massachusetts for the sample data. North Carolina was used in my actual, unshareable data).


I expect to see the underlying base map like I was able to do here (and discussed on this Community page I posted previously)😞


[also see Desired_Map_reference.png]


I have the Alteryx Light map selected as the base map.


Here is the workflow, hopefully (images are not pasting in this email preview - so one might instead look at the attached Geocode_map_NoCities.png file):




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12 - Quasar

I think you must have a newer data package than I do. I don't see an Alteryx Light reference map in my options.

John Hollingsworth
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@Hollingsworth - My Alteryx version is 2020.1.2.24185. Do you or anyone know how to ID the version of the Spatial Analytics package we have installed? I see there is a April, 2020 2020.1.5 version available among my Downloads. I think I have the May 8 Q1 2020 US Spatial package installed but not the latest CASS. 


Might someone indicate how to identify the versions we have installed of elements beyond the base Alteryx software? I am not seeing such in Help -> About.

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Please change the state in the workflow I provided to "MA".

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So today while on a call with Aimpoint Digital's J.D. Love-Epp, the problem disappeared. I have no explanation.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



So the Alteryx Light map uses an API to get map tiles from Mapbox. My guess is maybe you were having internet connection issues? That blue background indicates it was unable to retrieve a tile and timed out.