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Simmons data: No data?

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Hi! I have a question about using the Simmons data set. I'm appending the data, but every single record I've matched too across a couple of different data sets has come up with all zeros. It seems a bit strange that in a highly populated area of the US that the data would be coming up with no values other than zeroes.


Is anyone else leveraging the Simmons data would could possibly give me some idea over what is happening?  I've had the same thing happen with Behavior Bank and MOR bank data as well.



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Hi. Can I get more information, please? Simmons data is meant to be generated for a geography or polygon. How is the appending happening? Via an Allocate Append tool for Allocate geographies or are you appending Allocate data to address records (in which case there is no data for a 'centroid'? 


Same question with Behavior Bank and MOR. Where is the append happening? Behavior Bank fields are not included in the standard Data license but MOR fields are licensed.  


Can you append a workflow showing this? 

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OH shoot!  I used the incorrect tool!  That has been corrected.  Thanks @LonnieY!


You also answered my next question....Is Simmons data available at the address level for append.  What I"m seeing looks like totals for a geographic area.  Which is fine, we can still use that for indexing at the zip code level.


So many things to learn about the data little time!