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Select Tool Dropping Fields When Ran

5 - Atom


Hi all,


I have a workflow set up to pull data from Google Sheets, then Dynamic Rename to take field names from first row of data, then I rename the Columns to be more fitting.


The problem I'm having is that each time I run it, the Select Tool keeps dropping Fields, which then show up at the bottom of the Field List as not being contained in the record. The fields that it drops are seemingly random as well. Any idea how to resolve this?

13 - Pulsar

Hi @kellja05 


Are the fields getting dropped prior to the Select Tool? For example, are the same number of fields being created after your Google Sheets Input Tool, or are you seeing the problem there as well?



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

@kellja05 It sounds like this falls into a "caching" issue. That is, since the dynamic rename tool doesn't know what the second row is until it is run, the workflow needs to be run for the select tool to know what fields are available. It gets a little interesting when you don't have any changes within the select tool. Things like field sort order and field type dynamically update if there weren't modified in the tool. however, it looks like the fields are selected/deselected/renamed/modified, so it shouldn't be automatically dropping fields unless they just aren't coming through from the google sheets tool. Same with adding fields. Additionally, they are being added to the end because the "dynamic/unkown" field is at the end of the field list. How often are fields dropped/added? are they new/removed from the google sheet?