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S3 Uploader error - Fails with 407 error when uploading to S3

6 - Meteoroid

When Uploading data from SQL to S3 using S3 uploader workflow throws an error saying - 'Error: Record #1: Tool #7: Error sending request: [Failure when receiving data from the peer] Received HTTP code 407 from proxy after CONNECT'


Are there any settings that we need to set to make sure larger data volumes can be uploaded to S3?

8 - Asteroid

Hi @alt19790525,


A 407 error is unlikely to be caused by large data volumes, generally the a HTTP 407 error means that you do not have the proper authentications credentials for  a proxy server that is intercepting requests between yourself and the server see https://airbrake.io/blog/http-errors/407-proxy-authentication-required#:~:text=The%20407%20Proxy%20A...


This is likely caused by network settings imposed by your IT team. You may need to set Alteryx Designer to use a specific proxy that will allow you to authenticate correctly through the proxy server.





6 - Meteoroid

Thanks Jon,


Let me reach out to admins and see what are the proxy settings that we have.