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Reuse Import Spec

9 - Comet

Experts - 


I created an "Import Spec" so to say for a fixed width flat file that I need to reuse in the same workflow in a different tool.  Is this possible?



9 - Comet

When you create your flat file in the import tool, you can "export" the settings as a .flat file, and then in another tool use the "use field settings from file" and import the file you exported.


The first time you create the file click "export" and then the next time you can use that file as an "use field settings from file".




You can also just create the contents of a .flat file from scratch -- here are the contents of the .flat file corresponding to the settings above:


<flatfile version="1">
<file eoltype="crlf" allowShortLines="t" allowLongLines="f" trimWhiteSpace="t" />
<field name="Field_1" type="V_String" length="17" />
<field name="Field_2" type="V_String" length="11" />
<field name="Field_3" type="V_String" length="11" />
<field name="Field_4" type="V_String" length="40" />


If you want to view the settings that you used in the original input tool, you can just click on the "xml" option.