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Replacing a parameter in a query

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I'm slowly moving our excel ODBC queries into Alteryx and I'm struggling with parameters. In Excel the query's parameter is referenced to a cell and the cell contains a formula to bring back the earliest date (MIN) from two columns in different sheets. The query would then use this date and bring back any records greater than the parameter.


In my Alteryx workflow I have multiply input tool queries. I am using two of these queries to create a single date value, currently stored in a Select Records Tool. This gives me my earliest date and the value I would like to use as the parameter.


There is no input by the user, the parameter would be generated by the values in the tables.


How would I get the value from the Select Records Tool to be used in an Input Data Tool query?


I haven't been using Alteryx long and I am finding ways around problems (probably not the most efficient way) but this one has baffled me. I have looked through a few posts with solutions but I haven't found anything that seems to fit my issue.


Any help or pointers would be appreciated.


Many Thanks



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Hi @SteveKMH ,


can you share your workflow and some mock data and we can help.




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How would I get the value from the Select Records Tool to be used in an Input Data Tool query?


It sounds like you are using an input data tool to execute your query. If you right click that input data tool, you can convert it to a dynamic input tool instead.


Once its been converted you'll have the option to Modify the Query using the dynamic value from your select tool.


Here is an example below:





Please let me know if this helps.








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Thank you for your responses guys.


By converting the Input tool to a Dynamic Input Tool that has given me the option to replace the Where clause, brilliant!


The query takes an hour to run but I'm sure with a little tinkering that will work for me.


Much appreciated for you help!